My Home.

Dy’have a minute? You do? Great! Lemme tell you about my home. I have a home. Not a house, not a mere roof over my head, but a home. I have a home, filled with acceptance. In this house, we do love, and we do it quite big actually. We do care. We care for … More My Home.

Sunshine’s unsolicited writings 📝 – Part 3; “Why love?”

The love I speak of is a love soo divine, it's a love far beyond my material minds' comprehension. It's a love I feel with my soul. Love for me is more than an emotion, it's a way of being.(I'm getting emotional writing this)Love for me is an element of transcendence, and what is transcendence?It's … More Sunshine’s unsolicited writings 📝 – Part 3; “Why love?”

Peace. 🌼

It is not until you forgive yourself that you’ll received peace. Not until you take a step back and start making yourself a priority, realising that ‘hey,i to deserve to be happy and do things that make me happy’. See the beauty about such journey’s is that, they are as personal as personal gets. It … More Peace. 🌼

Liebster nomination.

As nominated by Mimo of RuggedHeartBlog. I am taking on the liebster award nomination. Basically, It was started to market a blogger to another by answering a couple of questions. And so, 1.What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done? I’d say believing I wasn’t destined for greatness and giving up on myself. I never … More Liebster nomination.


Note that my post is no apparent order as I have just let thoughts swirl through my pen today, And for that very reason,I have no title. But please,do find footing as you journey on… We’re all looking for joy, All looking for hope, Desperately searching for freedom, And thirsty for love. But all in … More Untitled.

Gratitude. 💫

It’s all about the little things you do for others.Its all about kindness. Be kind for everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing of. 👐 What exactly did you tell that girl that would always text you first and constantly ask how you’re doing and you could tell that the care she had for … More Gratitude. 💫

True happiness 🌻

“I’m sorry,but my writing is purely affected by the was,is and will be.Thanks if at all you are a part of any of those three. You’re the reason.” Friendship isn’t something I can say I’ve understood.I mean yes,I’m well avast of the meaning behind it,but like a maze,you may have been through it before but … More True happiness 🌻