Before dark, the dark itself and after dark.

“Go away! Leave me alone!”

“Are you sure?”

“Are you calling me dumb? Of course I know what I want and it’s not you”

“But, I don’t want to go”

“Then lemme make it easier for you. I’ll go”

And just like that, she lost another great guy.

Just like that she let another guy slip away.

The good girls are the hardest to love.

The girls that have grown to love themselves.

They're the most dangerous in fact.

They’re the flowers that bloomed in the dark and for that, they’re far more unachievable than those that bloomed in light.

Yet they’re the most desirable at the same time.

I mean, wouldn’t you want her?

She’s amazing. 

I’d love to know how it is she dances to her own music, how she’s whole all by herself, how she does it all on her own and makes it look so easy.

She wears her scars so beautifully and makes a crown off of her flaws, and struts.

And all they really want to know is ‘how?’ who does that anyway?

I’ll tell you who,

It’s the girls that sought themselves before anyone else could. The girls that got tired of waiting to be loved right and decided to love themselves right instead.

They got tired of waiting for peace and happiness to come galloping on the next horizon and instead pursued it.

They grew weary of carrying grief everywhere they went, of bottling their pain and hosting depression as their innermost guest.

They got tired of waiting for someone to bring them flowers so they planted their own garden.

They got tired of waiting for a sorry from Sarah, that we both know wasn’t coming, so they forgave her and forgave themselves as well.

For all the times they hated themselves, all the times they wished to be another girl, and all the nights she spent wasted waiting for a call that never came.

They embraced themselves. ❤

Don’t think blooming in the dark took a night and all this self-love came wrapped in beautiful ribbons because it didn’t.

There were days the strength wasn’t there, there were days she longed to see the light to guide her path, because sometimes you just need light to just show you the next step. But it wasn’t there and neither was anyone. There were days all she longed to hear was ‘you’re doing well baby, keep going, it will be fine. You’ll be fine’ but she didn’t hear it.

Those are the very days that made her the most. Those are the days that she learnt to stand on her own two feet. The days her heart learnt to create warmth for itself rather than from others.  Those are the greatest days of her lives.  The days she learnt to bloom in the dark.

So now she’s a lighthouse. Guiding others the best way she can.

PS ; I write because i want to impact people i may never get to impact in person.

Stranger, this is for you. 💕


14 thoughts on “Before dark, the dark itself and after dark.

      1. I beg to differ. All good things can take a break and come back better #caterpillar2butterfly
        P.s: Fairytales don’t end in finality, they just have a summarised conclusion


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